Always Yours

This is a love letter, the first I have ever actually finished.

I am sharing it with the world, because it is something I will never, ever be ashamed of.

Always Yours: A Love Letter -

To My Dearest

You came into my life when I most needed someone like you in it.

Life, as it always is, had been particularly cruel and I was running away and hiding like a wounded animal.

When I saw you on the fateful evening, I knew that maybe you will be someone to heal me.

You are like an angel rising from the ashes of my razed hopes. You are everything I have ever really wanted – someone true and brave, someone strong and unselfish and so beautiful of soul that sometimes I think I don’t deserve to be next to you.

We have weathered so many storms and grown up so much since the beginning.

I love you. No matter what happens.

~Always, Yours

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