I am open to writing advertorials and reviews for your brand on this blog or for other websites. I would be happy to write about these topics:

  • Health and beauty products, services and establishments (spas, salons, etc.)
  • Fitness routines, equipment and companies (gyms, etc.)
  • Clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Current events and popular culture
  • Books, films, television, comics, anime/manga and video games
  • Websites and Internet trends
  • Theatre shows, concerts and festivals
  • Food and drink products and restaurants
  • Celebrities and personalities (interviews, profiles)

I can create, review and test savory and sweet recipes upon request. I specialize in Philippine, Chinese, Italian and modern American cuisine.

As a wellness professional, I specialize in group exercise and ladies’ and youth fitness. You can read about my qualifications and programs here.

I am also available for creative projects under these categories:

  • Writing (samples) – News, editorial, essays, features, fiction, poetry, correspondence
  • Web Design – Graphics, HTML, PHP, scripts installation
  • Photography & Photo-Editing

Requesting parties may be based anywhere in the world, assuming that work can be electronically passed.

Please contact me with as much of the following information as possible:
1) Your name (personal and/or business)
2) Contact information (email, with website if available)
3) Project description (intended usage, concept, completion time, etc.)

Any information listed above that is not included in your introductory email will be requested in following emails, so please be as detailed as possible.